Minneapolis Public Seating Authority

Bless the great wind for carrying you here today

No matter how you have arrived at this bench, the bench is thankful that the metaphorical winds that propel us all through life has brought you. It does not care who you are, where you came from, how long you may sit, or where you are going. That is not the business of the bench. Just stay for a moment. Gather your thoughts or take in the city for a bit before moving on.

Made in March 2024 from salvaged Minneapolis Ash. The tapered and wedged dowel legs follow the tradition of green woodworking techniques. The joint grows stronger each time you sit on it. A walnut bow-tie was added to keep the end from splitting further, and adds symbology of something simple holding something that naturally wants to pull apart. The four legs on the left side take their inspiration from ancient Roman wooodworking benches, and gives the bench a gentle asymmetry.

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Image of Bench 4 Image of Bench 4 Image of Bench 4
Image of Bench 4 Image of Bench 4 Image of Bench 4