Minneapolis Public Seating Authority

Why should we sit?

The Minneapolis Public Seating Authority believes that seating for all is an important component of a thriving, interesting, accessible, and safe downtown.

We'd like to have a better city where people of all kinds and ages can spend time downtown. Most urban planners believe that the more inviting and comfortable you make a space, the more people will use it. And further- the more people that use a space, the more 'eyes on the street' there are to keep a safe and jovial atmosphere.

Why not let people sit down?

Minneapolis city officials have been steadily removing seating from public spaces downtown

This is not hyperbole. Walk the two most "downtown" blocks of Nicollet Ave and Hennepin Ave between 5th Street and 11th Street - more than half a mile - you will notice a deliberate lack of places to sit.

What should we do about it?

Our goal is to raise awareness and advocate for city leaders to add seating in downtown areas or other areas throughout the city that may benefit from a place to sit.

In furtherance of that goal, the Minneapolis Public Seating Authority is in the process of adding their own seating to areas downtown in desperate need of it.

Please search out one of our seating arrangements below!

Want to get involved?

Minneapolis Public Seating Authority is looking for help

We are an unofficial group with an official sounding name advocating for our vision of a better future for our city.

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